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Young Olivia, the orphaned child of Olivia's best friend Marnie, is coming to Waltons Mountain to prepare for her wedding to Bob Hill, a young man, born and bred in the city. Olivia wants to celebrate her marriage with the Walton family, feeling that they are the closest that she has to family. Bob, however, feels quite differently and seems almost to hate the country and the people. He doesn't know or understand some of the customs of the mountain folk, and when John Boy becomes excited about the planned shivaree, and explains it to him, he rebels. He thinks it is barbaric and says that he will call off the wedding rather than have to go through with that.

Because Bob is so set against having one, the Waltons call the shivaree off, but Ike Godsey and Yancy Tucker, haven't heard that it is cancelled and so go ahead with the kidnapping of Bob on his wedding night anyway. Bob is very angry and claims that his marriage is all a mistake. Young Olivia is in tears the next morning saying that Bob slept in a chair overnight, and she thinks maybe she didn't know him very well either and should forget that the ceremony ever took place. To try to get the young couple back together again, the family prepares a solitary cabin for them to spend their honeymoon away from everyone.

Disaster very nearly strikes again when Yancy and Ike, and some of the other townsfolk head up to the cabin for the second part of the shivaree. Bob nearly has a fit, until Olivia helps him to realise that all the folks want to do is to sing to them. We leave the couple at the cabin with the Waltons and their neighbours singing "Let me call you Sweetheart" to the newly weds.

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  • NOTE:Olivia Hill will return to Waltons Mountain in season 4, in the episode "The Loss".


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