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Jim Bob begins his new job as a mail deliverer for Ike. He heads up the mountain to deliver a letter to Betsy Randolph, a young woman whose husband is a pilot. As Jim Bob knocks down her fence with his car, he offers to fix it and the mailbox, the following day. He offers to help her fix up the place and his father becomes concerned and warns him of spending time alone with a married woman. Jim Bob initially laughs the suggestion off, but the more time he spends with Betsy, the more in love Jim Bob falls. Betsy doesn't realise what's happening though, until Jim Bob gives her some perfume, which she tells him she can't accept. Naturally he is hurt, but the hurt decreases when she organises a friend to give Jim Bob a ride in an airplane as a surprise. When she receives a telegram saying that her husband has died, Betsy receives a visit from her close friend Jim Bob, who simply offers her some comfort.

In the meantime, Serena is trying to win a merit badge for a group she is involved in. However on her hike she becomes lost. When she is found by John, she insists on finishing the hike while John goes with her.

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  • NOTE: The writer of this episode, Michael McGreevey, once appeared in The Waltons, playing the part of Hobie in the season one episode "The Braggart". He is the son of another of the writers for The Waltons, John McGreevey.

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