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Jason writes a song which he hopes to perform whilst playing with Bobby Bigelow's band. Ben hears the song but feels that it would make a better duet and has just the girl in mind for the part…Sally Ann Harper, a young girl from school who he is attracted to. Ben suggests this to Jason and he is happy to go along with Ben's suggestion. Once Jason and Sally Ann start rehearsing though, they find they have a lot in common and enjoy one another's company a great deal. Sally Ann misreads Jason's friendship though, as love, and one rehearsal she kisses him. Ben arrives at the barn just in time to see the kiss and he becomes very jealous. Jason hasn't realised just how keen on Sally Ann Ben really is though, and therefore doesn't understand why Ben is so angry with him.

John Boy sets Jason straight and Jason tries to reason with Ben, letting him know that the feelings he has for Sally Ann definitely aren't the same feelings that Ben has for her. The problem is that Ben is well past listening and simply refuses to go the dance with the rest of the family to hear Sally Ann and Jason perform. Listening on the radio at home though, Ben hears Sally Ann dedicate the song to him and promptly gets dressed and goes to the dance just in time to dance with Sally Ann. Ben leaves the dance with Sally Ann, Jason leaves with Betsy, another girl from school, and the two brothers patch up their differences.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: The song in this episode, "Will You Be Mine" was written and performed by Jon Walmsley.
  • NOTE 2: Sally Ann was played by Erin Moran, who would soon become well known to television audiences for her role as Joannie Cunningham in Happy Days.


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