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A former New York stockbroker and his family move to Walton's Mountain, to experience the country life. That is Mr. Hanover wants to experience the country life that his father always remembered, but the rest of his family doesn't! Erin and Charles Hanover become attracted to each other, but he tries to take advantage of her, and John Boy has to contend with the daughter, Alicia, telling him how to best write his novel. Basically the Walton family find the Hanovers too snobbish for their liking, with the exception of Ted, who is happy to work hard. Olivia in particular finds the Hanover children a bit hard to take, especially when they show disrespect towards her.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE: Linda Purl would return to Waltons Mountain in season 5, this time to break Jason's heart in The Heartbreaker. She would play Curt's sister, Vanessa.


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