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One summer night, while they are out in the garden at dusk, the Walton family see a falling star and become very excited when they realise that it has landed somewhere nearby. It has, in fact, gone through the roof of the Baldwin sisters recipe room, and landed in the floor next to the recipe machine. Zeb Walton, however, still believes in the old superstition that a falling star means eminent death and he believes that his time has come so he takes to his bed to await his death.

In the meantime, however, the Baldwin ladies become the victims of a hoax by their cousin, Polonius, and his friend, who initially come visiting after hearing about the meteorite, thinking that there is some money to be made from it. They decide that they would be better though, trying to take the recipe machine away from the sisters, and make their money that way. When Grandpa hears about their scam, he immediately goes to help the ladies out and eventually their two visitors leave empty handed.

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