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When a film company arrives at J.D. Pickett's Defense Plant to make a documentary about the war effort, they keep getting into Erin's way, and consequently she becomes very annoyed with them being there. The director promises that he will give her a part in the film, but it is just his way to keep her off his back. We find that the director confesses that her part will be left on the cutting room floor. Erin believing that she has a real opportunity to become a Hollywood actress, becomes quite starstruck and she makes secret plans to leave Waltons Mountain, and pursue an acting career. Fortunately she learns the real truth from the director's assistant before she makes a fool of herself and leaves for Hollywood.

As Jason is having dinner with the Baldwin ladies, they discuss with him the possibility of their doing something to help the war effort. Their suggestion is that they become plane spotters, but Jason suggests that the soldiers might prefer a home cooked meal, so they set up the time for the following Sunday. When the men find out that the people inviting them to dinner are little old ladies, no one goes, until Jason pulls rank and orders them to. They end up going and having a great time.

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