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Problems arise for Grandpa when he wins a prize from a raffle at Ike's store. His prize is a statue, donated by the Baldwin sisters. When he takes his prize home though, Grandma becomes very jealous and says that it looks like one of his old girlfriends, Moselle Lewis, and insists that he get rid of it. Things become so strained at the Walton home that the statue is finally thrown into Drucilla's Pond, where it stays at the bottom.

The Baldwin sisters are also very interested when they hear that John Boy has at last had a letter from a publisher interested in his story. Naturally they want to hear all of the story, based on the romance between Ashley Longworth and Miss Emily. They do not understand that he has just based a story on the romance and Miss Emily becomes quite distressed because she was expecting a true account of her romance. Seeing her distress John Boy changes the ending that he reads to the sisters, to save any more hurt feelings.

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