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Miss Hunter, the Waltons Mountain school teacher, needs to take leave from the Waltons Mountain School because of a family emergency. Miss Pollard, the relieving teacher, comes to them from New York, and stays at the Walton home. Although she is a brilliant woman, she is not sensitive to the children's needs, and she finds it very difficult to relate to the people of the mountain, even when they try to become friendly. She rarely associates with the Walton family, and causes heartache for John Boy when he asks her to read his stories and to comment on them. Her response is to give him a book of Emerson's essays which she believes he should model his writing on. Things come to a head and she resigns but after a chat with Olivia she asks for a fresh start.

Ben is also finding life difficult when he is trying to build a kite for a contest. Grandpa wants to help him, but wants it done his way, not Ben's, and this causes conflict between the two. John eventually tells Ben that he should use his own ideas for his kite if that's the way he thinks it should be done.

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