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John Boy has been tutoring a football player who is at Boatwright University on a scholarship. This young man, Tom, has an ambition to become a lawyer and return to his hometown to help his people. During his crucial exam however, which he must pass to remain at the college, he is seen by John Boy, looking at the work of another student. John Boy has been told that there is an "honor code" at the University and it is the duty of any student who sees such instances of cheating, to turn the offending student in, or to risk being failed himself because of it. John Boy is in a quandary though, because he has seen Tom cheating, but doesn't want to find himself disqualified because of it, yet he doesn't want to turn Tom in. He can't ignore it because another student witnessed it too.

John Boy offers to defend Tom at the hearing, claiming that the system is wrong, and it should be the University staff, not the students, who should be responsible for finding and reporting those who cheat at exam time. He is persuasive enough to have Tom's charge reduced and he is suspended, rather than expelled.

Jason is facing a quandary of his own when he spots Ben secretly smoking. Jason approaches Grandpa for advice and Zeb takes Ben fishing, begins smoking himself and offers one to Ben. He makes sure that Ben smokes the cigarette "properly" and Ben becomes so sick that he is cured of smoking forever

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