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This episode opens with Jim Bob flying a paper aeroplane near his father, who notices that it is actually an English paper with an F on it. John is not at all happy with Jim Bob for failing English, especially when he discovers that his other subjects aren't doing well either. Elizabeth suggests that Corabeth might help, and Jim Bob reluctantly asks her. Things continue to go badly for Jim Bob when he is stopped by a police officer who noticed that he ran a stop sign. It is discovered that his license has expired, and a subsequent vision test shows that Jim Bob does not have the 20/20 vision he needs to become a pilot, the dream he has had forever.

The depressed Jim Bob decides that he may as well give up his dream and wants to quit school now and join the army, however John refuses to sign the papers. Further problems arise when John is visited by Corabeth who says she hopes that Jim Bob will return to his studies when he feels better. Jim Bob overhears and says many things which hurt Corabeth deeply. John is so angry with his son that he signs the forms. On his way to sign up Jim Bob meets Corabeth whose car has a flat tyre. As Jim Bob changes the tire for her, she tells him about her own dreams and how they didn't come to fruition, but she is able to keep a part of her dreams alive by acting and speaking the way she does. She urges him not to give up his dreams completely. He arrives home, without enlisting, with an airplane propellor and announces that he is going to build an airplane in preparation for a new career.

The subplot sees an old friend of Curt's arriving to meet Mary Ellen. Chuck Turner is obviously attracted to her, but she tries to get Erin interested him. Erin finally persuades Mary Ellen that she is not interested in Chuck, although he is very nice, and finally Mary Ellen realises that she, in fact, is the one who has things in common with him, and enjoys his company.

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