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John Walton had been doing some odd jobs around the Claybourne home in order to earn some extra money. Mrs Claybourne though, discovers that some of her valuable silver goblets are missing, and since John has been the only visitor to the house in some weeks, the Sherriff feels that he has a duty to go and question John about the situation, especially since Mrs Claybourne is keen to point the finger squarely at John. However he feels that he shouldn't have to explain anything further to the Sherriff other than to say that he didn't do anything, but since he won't account for his actions, there is growing suspicion and hostility from Mrs Claybourne. She is far from satisfied with the enquiries the Sherriff has made and goes to the Walton home demanding that John return the silver goblets. Stuart Lee Claybourne, her son, rushes in at the last moment though, just as things are starting to get quite heated. He explains to his mother that when his father died, there was very little money left, and given that he felt that his mother should continue to live in the manner to which she was accustomed, he had gradually been selling off pieces of the family's silver and other possessions. He had simply been trying to protect his mother from the truth, but in doing so both of them had accused an innocent man.

Recurring Role

  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges

Guest Cast



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