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The annual cross country race is coming up and some of John Boy's college friends are busy preparing themselves for it, but he is disappointed because his friend is entering a thoroughbred horse. John Boy had intended entering Blue his mule, and had started training him. All of the Walton family are very excited at the thought of him entering and the children begin enthusiastically to prepare Blue for the race. Grandpa, having once won the race, also gives John Boy some valuable tips. The family get very upset with John Boy though, when they feel that he is taking the whole thing too seriously and he begins to start complaining about the preparation they have all been doing. John Boy finally realises that his father is right in what he says and begins to relax again. At the race John Boy, on Blue, and Selina Linville, on the thoroughbred, lead the race and many of the other participants drop out during it. John Boy finally comes in to the finish line, not only having won the race on Blue, but also Selina's heart.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • NOTE 1: Selina Linville is another character who will reappear in season 4, in The Collision.
  • NOTE 2: Grandpa states that he was the last Walton to have won this race, and that was in 1915.


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