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Jason is concerned when the owner of the Dew Drop Inn, Thelma, sells her business and moves to California. He is worried that he may not be able to pay for his expenses if the new owner does not keep him. He meets the new owner, who does agree to keep employing him, but only after she has heard him play. She mentions her plans to refurbish so naturally, Jason mentions his father's lumber business. It is only when John arrives to discuss the arrangements that he realises that it is Callie May, an old school friend. It is Ike who remembers that John and Callie May dated after problems between Olivia's parents and John. As John and Callie May start the renovations though, they argue, because each has their own ideas.

The family becomes concerned when Callie May seems to have her sights set on stealing John away from Olivia. Mary Ellen tells him that she knows what it is like to feel lonely. Callie May has a change of heart though after a confrontation with Ike and meeting John's family. She tells John that even though Olivia is away from him, she is really still with him.

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