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Sarah is a neighbor, and a good friend of John-Boy's, who lives with her very religious mother. She sees marriage to John-Boy as a way of getting away from her repressive mother. When John-Boy doesn't take her marriage plans seriously, she begins a relationship with a "townie", Theodore Albert Claypool Jnr, the son of a wealthy businessman. The two of them decide to elope and they take off one night with the son stealing cash from his father, as well as his father's car. Both Sarah's mother and Theodore's father blame John-Boy for them running off together, and so he sets out to find them before they can tie the knot.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • LOOK FOR: The character of Theodore Junior. You might recognise the name of the actor who plays him. He is Nicholas Hammond. A bit earlier he played the part of Friedrich in the film version of The Sound of Music.
  • LOOK FOR: Sissy Spacek in this early role. She went on to make many films and win an Academy Award for her role in The Coal Miner's Daughter.


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