"There were times when the war seemed further away and life on the mountain went about its ordinary business. My father often said that he didn't have to sail the seven seas, or swim the Hellespore, or soar with the eagles if he wanted high adventure. All he had to do was wake up in the morning and his family or his friends or a total stranger would ride up the road and hand it to him"".

While Rose is in the Godseys' store one day a travelling salesman calls in and she is surprised to find he was her dancing partner when they lived in Baltimore. He, Stanley Perkins, calls on her, they dine out, and their warm friendship is renewed. He proposes marriage to her and she accepts after talking it over with her grandchildren. He finds a deserted house to buy which they go and inspect. He hasn't told her about the offer he has just received for sales work in California, a dream he's cherished for years, but Corabeth has leaked it to Rose and she mentions it to him. She declines to marry him, knowing that he would always be regretful of not going West, so they say goodbye to each other.

Jim Bob shares his bedroom with Jeffrey but has problems with Jeffrey's dog Nick who keeps tearing Jim Bob's books and clothes. So he turns the hay loft into his own private bedroom and moves out there. But then Jeffrey builds a kennel for the dog, and Jim Bob moves back ino the house.

"Rose continued to present her very best side to the world, warm laughing, loving. If her heart was broken it never showed in public. After a time, the picture postcards began to arrive and we all wondered if the traveling man would ever travel this way again".

Recurring Roles

  • Cindy (Leslie Winston)
  • Rose (Peggy Rea)
  • Serena (Martha Nix)
  • Jeffrey (Keith Michell)
  • Stanley Perkins (William Schallert).

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