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Miss Hunter is so taken by John Boy's essay about "Someone who is an inspiration to him" that she encourages him to perfect it and send it into a competition. With his constant redrafts and reworking to make it as good as he can, he is thrown together with the young Miss Hunter, so that she might help him as much as possible. She becomes very distracted though, when Reverend Fordwick requests her permission for him to court her, and she fails to realise that the person whom John Boy is writing about in the essay, is not the Aunt he claims, but is herself instead. John Boy becomes very jealous of the Reverend's attentions and gives up his essay altogether.

Meanwhile, Ben has been bullied by stronger boys, and one of them has even stolen his love interest, Naomi, away from him. He decides that it's time to take action, and so sends away for some body building scheme.

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