One of Jason's fellow recruits is a Jewish Polish American and when Jason discovers that he has just had news that his Grandfather, living in Warsaw, has been killed, he invites Lupinsky to visit his home and family for the weekend. During the weekend Lupinsky breaks down and tells the Walton family that he had receive a letter telling him of slave labour camps which were in Germany, where many of the Jews were being taken and gassed to death. Naturally the whole family is appalled to hear this and John rings a senator to tell him the story and ask for some confirmation. The senator tells John that the stories are just fiction, but Lupinsky is not at all convinced. However the two decide that they will pack a picnic lunch for the rest of the family and take it up onto the mountain, near Grandpa's grave. During the picnic, Ted Lupinsky says a special prayer over Grandpa's graves for both Zeb Walton and his own Grandfather.

Elizabeth is having trouble at school. She has received all A's on her report, and has been teased by the other students. She finds this very upsetting. Most of the other girls in her class will be taking the traditional home economics classes, but Elizabeth's teacher is suggesting that she take chemistry. She really doesn't want to be different though. Ted tells her of his own school problems when he was teased for being the only Jewish boy at the school, and says that it stopped only after his grandfather walked home with him and admonished the boys. He asks her what Grandpa would have said to her, and she imitates his answer as she says that he would have told her that God gave her a good brain...use it!

Recurring Role

  • Joe Conley as Ike Godsey
  • Ronnie Claire Edwards as Corabeth Godsey
  • Erica Hunton as Lucille

Guest Cast

Todd Susman as Ted Lapinsky

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