The Venture is the 24th episode of Season 3 of The Waltons.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


As the Depression is easing on Waltons Mountain, things are looking up for the Waltons. John Boy has just become employed at a newspaper, Jason is about to be offered a music scholarship, and John takes out a bank loan to pay for some new machinery for his lumber mill. He promptly gains a big order, and is relying on Grandpa to help him, but Zeb becomes ill with the flu. John is left to continue working on the order himself, but after working one day during a heavy rainstorm, he also becomes ill, so ill that he is taken to hospital. John tells the family to sell the new equipment, but the older boys have other ideas and try to organise the mill themselves.

Things come to a head when John Boy begins talking about giving up College and working full time, and Jason talks about giving up his scholarship and trying to get more work with Bobby Bigelow's band. When Ike hears of these plans he gathers the neighbours around and together everyone finishes the big order for John.



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The Woman
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The Sermon

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