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This episode opens with John-Boy interviewing the local Doctor who is preparing to leave Walton's Mountain because he is having trouble making a living in Walton's Mountain. He is finding that, with the Depression, people are having difficulty paying their bills with money, and instead are paying with home grown produce. He says that food won't allow him to pay his own bills, however, hence the reason for the move. This will leave the people of Walton's Mountain without a Doctor though, and this concerns John-Boy.

Whilst the Doctor is away in the city Grandma becomes quite ill with fevers and stomach pains, and Mary Ellen, who has just begun nursing school, tells her that the symptoms she describes are those of the stomach flu which they are seeing a lot of in the hospital and that bed rest is all she needs to recover. Grandma becomes increasingly worse though, and without a Doctor in the vicinity the family is forced to take her to the hospital, where she undergoes an operation. In the meantime Erin has taken a job as an assistant to Miss Fanny, the switchboard operator, who is a very proper and pedantic woman. She gives Erin a difficult time without listening to her excuses and reasons, but she shows Erin how important a job she does when she uses the switchboard to track down the Doctor and sends him to the hospital in time to tend to Grandma. Needless to say, Grandma makes a full recovery, and Mary Ellen learns an important lesson on just what the role of a nurse really is.

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