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Once again, we see John and Olivia at the Red Cross Centre asking for news of John Boy. While they are there, Mrs Denman asks if Olivia will visit a young wife, whose soldier husband is concerned about her since she is not replying to his letters. Olivia agrees and takes Mary Ellen with her when they go to visit. They arrive at her home and finally discover that she has been raped. She refuses to tell the sheriff and feels that she was responsible for the attack. By coincidence, Olivia comes across the person who raped the young woman and he threatens her as well, but Olivia stands up to him.

With the aid of the Red Cross she is able to get the husband to come home to be with his wife, but when he learns what has happened, he wants revenge. John makes him realise that his wife needs him now though, so he backs off.

Corabeth discovers that she has been left an inheritance following the death of a relative. Unfortunately she feels that she has to play the part of someone with money now, and Ike is worried that she will squander her money. After some manipulating on Ike's part, Corabeth decides that she should invest her money in war bonds.

The episode ends with Mrs Denman arriving at the Walton home to deliver the news that John Boy has been found and, although seriously injured, is being flown home.

Recurring Role

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NOTE: Once again there are none of the usual goodnights or concluding narration by John Boy as a man. This story line continues in the next episode "The Waiting".

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