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Erin is very confused about her feelings for G.W. He is always around the house, drives Erin to and from work and they she seems to see him just as a friend. Her family, however, seem to accept him as a part of the family. Erin feels uncomfortable when he touches her and one night, during a walk, he asks her to marry him. Erin turns him down saying that she likes him, but she doesn't want to marry him. Erin is still confused as to what her feelings are for G.W., but before she can sort herself out, G.W. informs her that he has enlisted as an army volunteer. Both Grandpa and Mary Ellen feel that he is probably trying to run away from Erin's refusal of his marriage proposal.

When G.W. invites Erin to visit him at the army camp, her parents initially say no, but upon rethinking the situation, John decides that perhaps he should trust the two of them and Erin returns from her visit saying that the two of them are just good friends.

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