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J.D. Pickett has decided to organise a War Bond Rally and while speaking with Ike, the pair decide on a race based on an idea from a story which Ike has been reading. The idea is that a race is held with one person riding a horse and the other partner running. As Ike puts it "ride awhile, run awhile." It will be called a Run and Ride race and will be named after Ike and Corabeth Godsey. Mary Ellen and Erin decide that they will enter the race, but they have to endure much teasing and ridicule from J.D. and other men who think that women would not be capable of such a lengthy race. A wager is decided upon and the pair go into training, with Elizabeth as their trainer. The prize money also attracts them. The wager? Erin bets J.D. that her team will not finish last and J.D. bets her a week's wages. Mary Ellen bets Sam their horse, and Elizabeth bets Jim Bob a book report.

Jeffrey is writing to a movie star, hoping to receive a photo of her. He is delighted to be sent an autographed one, but Serena tells him that the star wouldn't have signed it. He writes again and is dismayed to find that the signature is different on the second photo he receives. His faith in people is restored though when Jason, given the job of chauffering VIP's around to all the War Bond Rallies in the area, arrives with the very same actress, the special guest for the race. Jeffrey is given the opportunity to escort her at the event.

Although Mary Ellen and Erin didn't win the event, they did come second and were able to beat their two workmates who initially teased them about entering, and all three Walton women win their wagers.

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