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Two strangers arrive at the door of the Walton's barn one day, telling the family that they believe an old Indian burial ground is nearby. The pair are from the Cherokee Indian tribe...a boy and his elderly grandfather. They had been living on an Indian reservation, but the grandfather wants to be buried with his ancestors, hence the search for the burial ground. As the grandfather describes the mark he is looking for, Zeb immediately identifies it as being Indian Rock. This rock, the Indians believe, will tell them where the burial ground is. They return to the Walton home, declaring that it has been indicated that the Waltons barn is built on the sacred burial ground, and they demand that the Waltons pull the barn down immediately.

When John refuses, a fire is lit by the Indian grandfather, to destroy the barn. Sheriff Bridges is called and the old man is taken away. Just before the trial, Elizabeth talks to the elderly Indian, saying since knowing him, she now has a better understanding of the Indians as a people and that she is sorry for the way the white people treated the Indians. During the trial the elderly man is taken ill, and in a fit of remorse, John and the Walton menfolk do indeed pull the floorboards of the barn up to find Indian artefacts and a skull. They then get the sad news that the elderly man has passed away. When Matthew comes back to help Elizabeth with Myrtle the goat, who is a bit ill, John tells him that the burial ground is indeed where they said it was, but suggests that Matthew bury his grandfather in another spot on the mountain, thus starting a new Indian burial ground.

Recurring Role

  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges

Guest Cast


  • NOTE: Richard Eastham reappears in season 9 in the episode "The Lumberjack" where he plays the father of Paul Northridge, the man Erin eventually marries.


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