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Mary Ellen, unexpectedly, announces her engagement to David Spencer, a wealthy young medical intern studying at the hospital where she is a nursing student. The two plan to have a very short engagement, marrying in just a few weeks time then returning to live in Richmond where David will join his father in a medical practice. An engagement party is duly planned and right in the middle of it, the new Waltons Mountain doctor arrives, young and unmarried Curtis Willard. Sparks fly between Mary Ellen and Curt right from the start. In fact many of the folks he comes into contact with claim that he must have failed the bedside manner subject in medical school. He appalls and shocks Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin when Miss Emily arrives at the clinic and he wants to unbutton her blouse to listen to her chest! Mary Ellen tries to match Curt with the mountain nurse, Miss Nora, even though she herself is attracted to Curt. As the wedding approaches, Mary Ellen becomes more confused about her feelings for Curt and at the wedding rehearsal she finally runs out at the "I do" part and tells David that she can't marry him. Instead she marries Curt.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • Tom Bower makes his return to Waltons Mountain, this time in the recurring role of Curt Willard. His character would continue to be seen from time to time over the next couple of seasons. His first appearance was in The Wingwalker during season 4.


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