The Woman is the 23rd episode of Season 3.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


John and Olivia Walton have been married for 20 years, and as this special anniversary approaches, the children wonder what they might get their parents as a present. They decide to paint a picture of their house and to paint themselves in whichever room they would like. John and Olivia are also trying to decide how they would like to celebrate this milestone too. As Livvy puts it: "We never really had a proper wedding." They decide then, that they will renew their wedding vows.

At college, John Boy volunteers to be the escort to a lady writer, Madeline Bennett, when she comes to lecture at the College. It is his job to collect her from the station, drop her back there, and show her around in between times. Following her lecture, Madeline suggests that they go on a picnic, and a romance begins. John Boy decides that he will leave College and go back to New York with Madeline. At the last moment though he changes his mind and stays.



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The Song
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The Venture

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