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The new Minister at Waltons Mountain just moves into his new home, when he has to move out again, due to a skunk which has taken up residence under his floor. He moves into the Walton home. During his time here he becomes aware that Elizabeth has a crush on him. At first he thinks that it is Erin who likes him, but gradually he comes to realise that it is Elizabeth. He talks to her telling her that she is like a sister to him and that the gifts she left for him made him feel like he was being visited by a little elf. Needless to say, Elizabeth is mortified!

The Baldwin ladies are busy trying to translate "Papa's diaries" into a book called "The Ballad of the Baldwins". They also consider the possibility of turning this book into a movie, with Bette Davis playing Miss Mamie and Katharine Hepburn playing Miss Emily. We learn here that Miss Mamie also had a beau, named Octavius Fairweather. During the reading of the diaries, it comes to light that Ashley Longworth had written Miss Emily a letter, but her Papa had sent him away and hidden the letter where she never would find it. Because she is so angry with the Judge, she removes his portrait from the wall, but in doing so, she discovers the letter tucked in behind it. The letter from Ashley explains that he is being sent away, but that he has left her a token of his affection in the tree where they first kissed. When the sisters and Erin reach the tree, they discover the ring Ashley had left for Miss Emily.

Recurring Role

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey

Guest Cast



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