Virginia Walton
Family Ben Walton (Father),Cindy Brunson (Mother),Zebulan Walton (great-Grandpa),Esther Walton (Great-Grandma),John Walton (Grandfather),Olivia Walton (grandmother),John Jr.Walton,Jason Walton,James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (Uncles),Mary-Ellen Walton ,Erin Walton ,Elizabeth Walton (Aunts),Charles Walton (brother)

Actor Angela Rhodes
Status Deceased

Virginia Bernadine Walton is the first and only daugther of Ben Walton and Cindy Brunson she has a younger brother Charles Walton her nickname is 'Ginny' her middle name is her grandmother on her mother side

Born during The Idol s8/e15 and Died 1961

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