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Played by: Robert Donner (The Sinner) s1/e7

  • Friend of John
  • Sells the Waltons some Rhode Island Red chickens for ten cents apiece s1/e7
  • Accidently sets the Walton barn on fire after drunkenly falling from a ladder with a lighted lantern s1/e7
  • Is nearly driven off the road by Ham Denby, Cora's husband s1/e12
  • Tells John that he just shot some quail on John-Boy's Meadow s1/e12
  • Has business deals with Doud's Tattoo Parlor in Wheeling, WVA and takes John-Boy with him s1/e20
  • Loses twenty-five cents to Grandpa playing pool s2/e6
  • Called the "Robin Hood" chicken thief because he takes chickens from people with plenty and gives to people with few s2/e6
  • Owns one "3030" gun s2/e6
  • Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19
  • Yancy takes in Ben while the Walton house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18
  • Yancy likes to make his special Red Devil chili and drink his "stump" liquor s4/e21
  • Becomes engaged to Sissy Walker s5/e3
  • Becomes baptized s5/e4
  • Graduated with Bachelor of Barbering degree s7/e12 (business isn't well after cutting off Casper Farley's earlobe).
  • Husband of Sissy. Married in The First Casualty s6/e8.

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